Selling your home involves many moving parts and your home’s value can fluctuate based on a number of things - from curb appeal to the value of your neighbors home. At Whitney Homes, we are up to date on local neighborhood trends and have access to unique tools to help us price, market, and stage your home to sell for maximum value. We are here to walk you through each crucial stage of your transition into a new phase of life, whatever that may be.


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Our Selling Process



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The first step to selling your home is selecting the right real estate agent to represent you and assist you in the sale. View a few of our client testimonials below!




We have a defined 6-point plan of action with strategies that are proven to get homes sold.  The plan revolves around working actively and aggressively to sell homes by getting maximum exposure and prospecting compared to a passive approach that would involve only putting it online and waiting for the phone to ring.  

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Showing your home

We make sure your home is shown to qualified buyers only. Every buyer will be accompanied by a professional real estate agent for showings. After the showings, we personally call every agent to find out any useful feedback.



Seller weekly calls

To keep you informed throughout the process, we call you at least once a week with an update on what activities were done to sell your home. These calls take place from the day the listing agreement is signed until the day of closing.




We assist you and guide you through the negotiations of the contract of sale, home inspection items, and appraisal (if needed).




On the day before or the day of closing, the buyer will do a final walk-through of the property to make sure everything is in the same condition as when they entered into the contract. After, they will go to closing and you will receive your check!