In-Home Consulation


a professional touch in half the time

In-home consultations with Nicole are the best way to get a taste of what an interior designer can offer in an affordable, fun, and productive package. During this session, we will meet in the area of your home you’d like to focus on and discuss your challenges, your goals, and how to close the gap.

We will customize your session to include one or more of the following services:



Here, we’ll assess the current layout of your space and discuss what may or may not be working. Then, we’ll provide you with the best design techniques to lay out the furniture in your space for ideal flow, style, and function.


For the first hour or so, we’ll go on a shopping trip to your favorite home decor store, or do some online shopping. Then, we will finish with an in-home styling session to create the perfect vignette for your bookcase, mantel, and tables. Clients use this option for holiday or event decor styling as well!



Whether you’re searching for a paint color to pull a room together, or trying to bring your whole home together, we will help you select a beautiful color scheme that makes your home feel connected, cohesive, and comfortable.


Have extra artwork and frames lying around and unsure where or how to style them? We will help you find homes for your existing artwork, style gallery walls, or help discover and select new artwork so you are left with a wonderfully curated and expressive home.


The Process

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During our two hour consultation, we will meet in the space or area of your home you would like to focus on. We will come prepared with a creative eye and design toolbox to make the most out of our session!

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We’ll discuss your issues and problem areas, as well as your goals and any storage/organization needs for the space. During this time, we will provide you with ideas and solutions to help bring your space to life both functionally and aesthetically.

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Make the most out of your two-hour session by choosing how to spend your time with us! We can provide you with layout ideas, color options, de-cluttering/organizing of your space, or shopping assistance to help style shelves and bookcases in your home.


*The 2 hour consultation does not include in-office design time.
Flat fee is charged for two hour consultation, any additional time used will be billed separately, per hour.