Real Estate Buyers

We understand that buying a home is one of the most exciting things a family does! It means new beginnings, milestones, and memories, so we believe the importance of a smooth, seamless home buying process cannot be understated.

Here’s where to start

  1. Work with a lender to get prequalified - this will let you know how much you qualify for, but most importantly, what your monthly payment will be which will best determine your budget.

  2. Determine your “wants,” “needs,” and “deal breakers” - write down what you’re looking for to help guide your decisions and make home buying more efficient.

  3. Decide what’s the most important factor in your purchase: location? school district? lot size? style of home? etc. 

Once you have all of that decided, we’d love to sit down and discuss the process with you!


Our Process



Prepare for ownership

Start by building a good credit history, getting a mortgage pre-approval and starting to save toward a down payment (typically 10-20% of property value), and don’t forget closing costs which are typically (5-10% of property value)!

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Partner with us!

Call your favorite real estate duo, the Whitney Sisters, to walk you through the next stages of the home buying process. We’ll set up an interview so you can explain your needs and expectations and we’ll prepare the contracts and agreements to get you started.

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find your dream home

We will help you schedule a consultation with our preferred lender. They will review your financials and give you a clear idea of the price range you should stay in. They will also discuss various payment plans so you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

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find your dream home

Determine what’s important to you - schools, neighborhood amenities, monthly mortgage payment, public transportation, walkability, etc. Make sure you take into consideration HOA fees, utilities, and taxes when calculating your monthly payment.


make an offer

We make our best offer! We will help you negotiate hard for a competitive bid price but be prepared to make a counter offer. In this stage, it’s important to have the property inspected by a licensed home inspector and prepare the proper security measures like title insurance, clearing the title, and reading contracts before signing.


Close & Move In

Congratulations, you’ve closed on your dream home! Now it’s time to protect your new asset by obtaining insurance such as homeowner’s, flood, disaster, and fire. Weatherproofing, setting up utilities, and hiring movers and an interior designer can help make your house feel like home the day you walk though the front doors.