Summer Cocktail: Peach Bourbon Lemonade
Ultimate Tropical Vacation Packing List | All In One Carry-on

They there my lovely travel bugs! Do you want to know my NUMBER ONE travel tip? 

I travel with a carry-on. ONLY.

Learn my ultimate packing tips and tricks and how a notorious over-packer (me) fits everything into one carry-on!

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Pillow Style Guide: How to Choose & Arrange Pillows like a Pro

Who here LOVES pillow talk?? I know I do, and this week I'm stopping by to give you a few simple tips on how to choose and style pillows for your sofa and bed. Layering pillows can be tricky, but after reading these simple tips you will feel confident when choosing pillows for your next home refresh! 

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How to Save Time with Subscription Services

After years of city-living, I started to dread every time I would have to drive somewhere because I'd run out of paper towels or toilet paper ('cause they are too big to carry home). After countless times losing my parking spot (and then driving around forever to find a new spot), I quickly realized I needed to figure out a way to avoid physically going to stores for the things I am constantly re-stocking on.

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Best Sushi Places in Philadelphia

As a sushi fanatic living in Philly, I’ve explored all the best sushi spots in the city. I’ve pulled together a list of all my favorite places, specialty rolls, and cocktails so you know where to find the best soosh in town!

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Color your Room with Confidence: The 60-30-10 Rule

Are you trying to design a room but having trouble choosing a color? Or, more likely, deciding on a color palette that will works so well it looks like you hired a professional?! Well, I'm about to let you in on a little designer secret that is pretty much foolproof, even for beginner-level decorators. After following this trick you will be able to choose a color palette and decorate your room with confidence, knowing that your color scheme will be cohesive, balanced and completely Pinterest-worthy. 

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How to Save Time With Batching

Batching is the simple act of grouping together tasks in order to complete them more quickly - and more efficiently - than if the tasks were done separately and at different times. I learned this technique years ago, and it's one of the best time-saving life-hacks I know!

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How House Plants Make You Happier (Harvard Studied, Whitney Homes Approved)

A Harvard study reveals that indoor plants (even fake ones!) DO in-fact make you happier at home and at work. Read on for all the ways that biophilic design makes you happier and healthier person. 

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