How to Save Time with Subscription Services


In this life hack series, I’ll be tackling the age-old problem of only having 24 hours in a day. Our time to accomplish our goals each day is seriously limited, yet somehow, certain people seem to squeeze more into a day than others... well my friends - I am here to spill a few secrets.


Subscription Services


After years of city-living, I've done everything I can to not lose my great parking spot on the weekends! I used to dread having to re-stock on toilet paper and paper towels because they are so incredibly cumbersome, making them very hard to carry home from a nearby grocery store. I also realized how much time I was wasting by physically going to the grocery store or Target every time I needed to re-stock on the things I bought regularly. After losing my parking spot one too many times (and still carrying my big pack of paper towels 2-3 blocks), I quickly realized I needed to figure out a way to avoid actually GOING to stores for the things I need continually.

That's when I discovered subscription services and my life completely changed. I now get all my cleaning supplies, hair and face products, vitamins, supplements, cat food, litter, and yes, toilet paper and paper towels, delivered right to my door whenever I am about to run out. I spend NO time on weekends running errands because 1: I never run out of anything, and 2: it is delivered right to my front porch!

My two favorite toiletry subscription services are:

  • Amazon Subscriptions - Through Amazon Prime you can get items delivered to you at a chosen time interval anywhere between every month to every 6 months. The best part is, if you subscribe to more than 5 items in a given month, you get 15% off your entire order! Saving you time and money $$$. 

  • Target Subscriptions - Same goes for Target subscriptions. You can choose to have items delivered from every 4 weeks up to every 26 weeks. If you are using your Target REDcard you will get an additional 5% off of your subscription.

Both of these options have free shipping when you subscribe, you get an additional 5-15% off, and it is delivered right to your door without you even having to think about it. Now this is what I call a win-win-win! 

My two favorite grocery shopping subscription services are:

  • Amazon Fresh - We started using this a little over a month ago and I'm already obsessed! We've ordered everything from the pantry items to fresh produce and meat, and everything has been fresh and top quality. I hate everything about physical grocery shopping so we decided to split the 14.99/month and start ordering them online! You also get free shipping for orders over $50! So if you grocery shopped once a week this is totally worth it! If anyone can keep their weekly groceries for two under $50 PLEASE teach me your ways! Because I haven't figured it out. 

  • Hello Fresh - This is another meal service that will help you stop stressing over what to make for dinner and have the ingredients and instructions delivered right to your doorstep! I usually find my own recipes on Pinterest and make those, but if you want the whole process simplified, Hello Fresh is the way to go!


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