How to Save Time with Online Shopping


In this life hack series, I’ll be tackling the age-old problem of only having 24 hours in a day. Our time to accomplish our goals each day is seriously limited, yet somehow, certain people seem to squeeze more into a day than others... well my friends - I am here to spill a few secrets.


online shopping

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I am talking in terms of clothes right now, but truthfully it could be any kind of shopping. Once I realized how much time I wasted going to the mall, searching through racks for clothes I liked, and then realizing I might not like it and need to return it, I realized I could do better than that. All you need to do is find a store that has free shipping & returns and a great return policy, and you're in the clear to start doing your shopping online. My number one place to shop, and what has made me a life-long and almost exclusive shopper is Nordstrom. I will have an event, trip, or just a new season coming up that I'll want new clothes for and I'll just order a bunch of things at once. I try everything on in the comfort of my own closet, I can try it on with other things I actually own, and if I like it I keep it, and if I don't I can ship back and return for free. It's as simple as that! This elevates my clothes-shopping experiences from stressful to fun, and I don't feel any pressure in the dressing room or at the cash register to keep or send back the item. 

I also use this for furniture and accessory shopping. For this, I love Target for their free shipping and returns, and AllModern/Wayfair for their free shipping, 


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