How to Save Time With Batching


In this life hack series, I’ll be tackling the age-old problem of only having 24 hours in a day. Our time to accomplish our goals each day is seriously limited, yet somehow, certain people seem to squeeze more into a day than others... well my friends - I am here to spill a few secrets.


As an efficiency-obsessed girl-on-the-go, I am constantly looking for ways to save time and gain back a few hours each week. I am such a nerd about making the best use of my time, I hardly ever watch TV without my computer in front of me, I listen to podcasts whenever I'm walking or at the gym, and I even clean my bathroom sink while I'm brushing my teeth... My mind is in a constant state of figuring out how to do more with less. Over the years I've gathered quite a few time-saving tips that I swear by. My primary goal is helping you to figure out how to optimize your life so you can do more of what you love, and less of the monotonous things that take away from the best things in life.  So, are you ready to learn how to gain precious hours of your life back?!


Batching is the the simple act of grouping together tasks in order to complete them more quickly - and more efficiently - than if the tasks were done separately at different times. I first learned this life-hack from Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek, and it has changed my life. The idea is that whenever you do a task, it takes time to prep for it, to complete it, and even finalize the task afterwards. If you batch your tasks, you are cutting down the amount of times you are preparing and finalizing. If you create a good routine with all your chores batched in one you'll often find more ways to optimize them and do them even faster. A few examples of things you can batch are:

  • Cooking - shopping and meal prepping once a week, to save you time driving to the store and cleaning the kitchen after you cook

  • Laundry - waiting until you have one pair of underwear left and doing your laundry all at once, in one day, rather than a couple of times a month or even a week if you have a big family.

  • Business Tasks - such as blogging, photographing, graphic design work, social media planning, writing emails - Choose a certain block of time to do those tasks all at once as opposed to switching from task to task throughout the day.

  • Cleaning - vacuuming, swiffering, cleaning surfaces, ect. all one day a week, as opposed to multiple times a week.

  • Beautifying/Maintaining - painting nails, doing a face mask, shaving/at home laser hair removal ect. (think of it as an at home spa day/night for you!)

You get the idea. Take any task you do multiple times a day or week, and figure out how you can minimize it to once a day, once a week, or even once a month for optimal efficiency. 

What are your favorite life hacks that save you time so you can live your best life? Tell me in the comments below!