Small Closet Storage Hack (& For Under $150!)

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Hey there my lovely people! In honor of the month of September, I thought it was the perfect time to do a little “back to school” closet special.

Do you remember picking out the perfect first day of school outfit? You wanted to be cute but not look like you were trying TOO hard. Also, back to school means fall is just around the corner and you get to finally wear those new jeans or boots you bought on sale back in July!

So today I thought I’d share with you how I made a walk-in closet for under $150 in my apartment that only came with one small 2ft deep by 5ft wide closet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about purging and downsizing, but when I saw that tiny closet I KNEW no matter how much we purged, Josh and I weren’t going to be able to share that closet space.

think outside the dresser

I also hate dressers... like, don’t understand them, don’t know how to find anything, and once it's in there I forget about it completely. I need everything in plain sight and laid out in front of me or else I’ll never wear it.  We luckily had pillars in our basement (remember the post about how I divided up our completely open lower level into different areas?), and I knew that I wanted to use curtains to create a division and create my own walk in closet behind those pillars. I was scouring pinterest when I came across this amazing idea from IKEA Europe! 

Hang their brackets upside-down and use boot hooks to hang your clothes! It was genius and I had never seen anything like it. So I thought I would give it a shot, and pray my landlord didn't kill me for drilling a million holes into the wall...

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For my side of the closet I also hung copper rods from the ceiling, as I'm sure you've seen on Pinterest many times. This way I could hang my dresses and tops on that and leave the upside-down shelf brackets for my jeans, shorts, skirts, and gym stuff. In this post today we're just going to talk about the wall brackets because this is one of my favorite small space closet hacks. 

ikea closet small closet hack

What I love most about these upside-down brackets is that they only take up 7" of space. YUP you heard me right, so in even the smallest of spaces you could put these babies up and maximize your hanging square footage exponentially! Just hang some curtains in front and, voila, you have just tripled your closet space. 

Also, the BEST part about this is that these brackets are only $3 each! When I originally bought them they were only $2 each - and we bought 29 total for our make shift walk-in closet. (I'm only showing you my side because Josh's wasn't as clean when I took these pictures!) But if you do the math that's only $87, plus the 5 wall shelves for $9 each is $45 = $132 for an entire wall of walk in closet space! That's a whole lot cheaper than any walk in closet system I've ever seen.  

small space closet hack

For this DIY all you need is a large wall that you can nail into. You also can’t be afraid of a power drill and drilling multiple holes in the wall. You'll want to get screws that come with anchors because although clothes aren't THAT heavy, when you start hanging jeans that can add quite a bit of weight to the bracket. 

Measure the length of your pants

Next, you'll want to measure out all of your clothes that you plan on hanging. For me, I was hanging workout shorts, leggings and joggers, sports bras, jeans and skirts. Since people are different heights (and either hem their pants or buy extra long ones) you will want to measure the length of your pants first, and add approximately 2"-3" so they aren’t dragging on the floor. This height will be your starting point. 

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Measure the width of your pants

Next, measure out the distance needed in between your pants/bottoms. Measure the width of your pants when folded in half as if they were hanging and then add an additional 4" on either side. This will give you the 'on center' number and determine how far apart to space your brackets. 

Space it out

Then, move onto your other items and space out the brackets where it makes sense. For longer items I hung them on the bottom, and shorter items like workout shorts and sports bras, I hung up top. You can also take into account adding shelves as well. Shelves are a nice touch because for certain things like sweatshirts or PJ's you just want to fold up and see everything out on display. I was able to make more space for these items by folding them and placing them on the shelves.

ikea closet small closet hack
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let's do it!


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3-6 hours depending on how large of a space you have


The cost will depend on how large of a wall space you are working with and how many brackets you need, but here is the cost for the main individual item below.


  1. Power drill

  2. Anchors and anchor screws

  3. Drill bit

  4. Phillips drill head



  1. Find your large wall that you will be doing the DIY on and measure out the size of the wall space.

  2. Decide all of the categories you want to hang and then start by measuring out your longest item - typically your pants. Measure the length of your pants and then add 3" to that to get the height where you will be hanging your first bracket.

  3. Measure the width of your pants when folded in half as if they were hanging and then add an additional 4" on either side. This will give you the 'on center' number and determine how far apart to space your brackets.

  4. Measure the remaining length and width of your other categories and draw up on graph paper (or whatever works best for you) the distance needed between each bracket and the heigh tof each bracket. Always make sure you allow between 3-5" around all items to allow for tolerances.

  5. Decide if and where you will put wall shelves and their supporting brackets.

  6. Once you have all your measurements drawn up, take the Ekby brackets and find their proper height on the wall and then marking the holes on the wall with pen or pencil so you know where to drill in your anchors. PRO TIP: If you're doing a large wall I HIGHLY recommend using a laser leveler because any mis-measuring or unevenness with the floor will cause your brackets to not line up evenly and not look nearly as good!

  7. Start drilling your brackets into the wall upside-down until your entire wall is complete.

  8. Hang your clothes on the boot hooks and then hang them up on the brackets!

Small Space Ikea Closet Hack


If you're interested in learning how to hang the copper rods in the L shape like in my above photos, let me know know in the comments below!