Five Affordable Home Decor Items from Amazon

Hey lovely people! If you're in the market for some affordable home or party accessories that will instantly elevate your home and hosting decor, you're in luck! If you don't know yet, I am a HUGE fan of Amazon. If you read my posts on how to hack 8+ hours/week back into your life, you know I get Amazon packages pretty much every day - whether it's through subscriptions, Fresh, or just getting some new beauty products. 

If that wasn't enough, they have given me yet ANOTHER reason to stay home when I do my shopping... They recently stepped up their home decor product offerings and I have been taking FULL advantage of my Prime membership to spruce up my place this season. Over the past few months, I've come across quite a few nice, affordable accessories that will elevate your decorating and host game.

So today I'm spilling all my finds! Everything listed I have tried, use in my home (see pictures below), and absolutely love. 

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My top 5 affordable Amazon Picks

in no particular order

1.5 Inch Mini Assorted Artificial Cactus Plants

When I was re-doing my office and dining area this past winter, I was in the market for some tiny greenery to sprinkle about to tie the room together. You know I'm all about faux plants (read why here), so when I came across this little pack of 5 mini cacti for under $20 I could not pass it up. I've purchased a few more packs and these things are now scattered all around the house. They just add a little something extra to my shelves and tables and I can't get enough. On a side note, my kitten's also can't seem to get enough - they think they are toys...

They may be tiny but they make a huge impact. 


2. Agate Bookends

Who doesn't love a cute agate bookend? (PS. anyone know how to actually pronounce agate??) Anyway, I love them because they can work with any decor - classy, bohemian, beachy - you name it, they work. I was so excited when I saw Amazon sells these because if you've ever purchased one you know they are heavy and fragile. I hated carring them home and worrying that they will chip or crumble on the trip back. 

They also come in all sorts of colors. I try to stick to more natural colors like grey, black, deep blue and emerald green, but if you want to add a little pop to a colorful room they also have magenta, purple, yellow and many more. 


3. Large Square Picture Frame

So I LOVE the look of a small photo with a large mats & frames around it, but what I don't love is the price tag for those custom frames. I almost jumped for joy when I saw these frames on Amazon and ordered them immediately. The photo is 4x4 and the frame is 14x14. I think there is something so special about using a large frame for a small photo, it makes the photo feel like a keepsake or treasure.

Of course this means they are also perfect for instagram photos. I am currently using these frames in my gallery walls to showcase quotes and elements from nature. I have these in black for my dining room and white in my office. The quality is not completely top notch but the glass is actual glass and good quality for the value. At $30 for a two pack, you really can't go wrong.   


Here they are in black in our dining area.


4. Felt Letter Board

For some reason, I always just assumed that these felt letter boards were just too cute and popular to be reasonably priced. I also had NO clue what they were called for the longest time, so I just sat there in envy on instagram as everyone had these cute little signs and I didn't.

But lucky me, my sister's boyfriend got me one for Christmas and I was immediately obsessed. I asked him what they were actually called because I wanted to get another one for my office. My first one is currently sitting on our bar cart and my new mini one is chilling on my office shelves.

These come in all sorts of sizes and colors, and I decided to get a cute Whitney Homes blue one for my office to remind me to hustle!


5. Mini Chalkboard Signs

These little chalkboard signs are small but make a HUGE impact when you're trying to make your party theme look cohesive. I originally bought them for our first housewarming party and have used every excuse in the book to break these babies. 

I originally got a chalkboard pen and tried to hand write on these, but soon realized how UN-cute my handwriting is... so I immediately measured their size and made some templates on my computer that I could cut out and tape onto the wood signs. I create new themes for every party, but I have a system now for party hosting and I pretty much buy the same staple appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks and simply switch up the signature drink and app. Now that I have a template for the signs it's super quick and easy to change the fonts and backgrounds. 

When I've used a chalkboard background people have literally asked me where I learned calligraphy! I tell them and then proudly show them my DIY party trick. ;) 

These really help to pull a party together and will make all your food and dessert displays Pinterest worthy. Also, everyone likes to know what they are eating, and it doesn't hurt to put a little creative spin on the wording to make it sound extra fancy right? It's the difference between "Fried Chicken Sliders" and "Crispy Chicken Sliders with Brie, Arugula & Truffle Honey." You get the idea. 

amazon signs-2.jpg
amazon signs-4.jpg
amazon signs-3.jpg

So there you have it! Five affordable items that will help bring your space to life in little and affordable ways. I hope you got some ideas and that some of these work in your home! Does anyone else have any go-to Amazon items they use for decorating or parties? Let me know in the comments below; I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas and deals!

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